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Symbol, which has a certain importance today do not necessarily have the same meaning as in the past. Many characters have existed for centuries, and their value has changed under the influence of all kinds of events. Others simply disappeared into the darkness until they were already returned with a completely different meaning. In this article I will tell you about the popular character which have been partially lost their value today.

The Star of David
Star of David - the most identifiable symbol of Judaism. However, in contrast to such elements, such as the menorah, or shofar, the star is not truly Jewish. Before becoming a Jewish symbol, she appeared in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. At the same time, Hinduism use stars longest. For Hindus it is anahata, the fourth major chakras, the energy points of the body. It is not known whether these characters share a common origin or have been designed by different people independently. This is a simple hexagram - a figure which equilateral triangles joined at six-pointed star with a hexagon in the middle. Even though the use of the Star of David Jewish people dates back centuries, it was not officially adopted until 1897 as a symbol.
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Most people recognize the Ichthys by another name. "Jesus Fish" is a common and fairly strong Christian symbol. You can often see it in the form of bumper stickers that is quite correct from the point of view of history. In those days, when Christians were persecuted by the Romans, they are often used as a secret Ichthys symbol to identify each other.Presumably, when two strangers met for the first time, one of them drew a first arc character. Another man, being a Christian, know that you need to draw a second. However, various pagan cultures used symbol before Christianity even existed. He had many different meanings, most associate with abundance. Symbol belonged to the "Great Mother", and according to some, a symbol of her uterus. For Ichthys Christianity virtually disappeared from general use, but then again became popular thanks to parody, such as the "Darwin fish" that has legs.
Cross of St. Peter
Cross of St. Peter, or an inverted cross - probably the strongest anti-Christian symbol in the world. However, it was previously one of the most powerful symbols in the world prohristianskih. When Peter was executed, he felt that he did not deserve to die like Jesus Christ. He asked to be crucified upside down. After this inverted cross became a symbol of humility.You can still find an inverted cross on the various churches, and this does not mean that the people there worshiped Satan.Inverted cross has only recently started to be used as an anti-Christian symbol. The symbol shown in horror films such as The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby, and as used in the movement of punk and heavy metal, where it means anti-authoritarianism.
Symbol Skull and Bones
This character has two known values ​​that most of us know today. Firstly, the current value: poison. The symbol is placed on chemicals and other harmful substances. So people know that you should not drink it. Another symbol - historic and relates to the pirates. Jolly Roger, pirate flag, usually depicted with a skull and crossbones on it. And this despite the fact that the majority of pirates actually had my own personal version of the character. However, the Spaniards had previously used the symbol to mark the cemetery. Today one can still find the old church with a skull and crossbones on them. In fact, the pirates took the skull and bones because of their association with cemeteries.
Hair post
Traditional design hairdressing column - spiral of red and white stripes. The red stripe symbolizes the blood while. Throughout the history of barbers did much more than just a haircut and a shave. Many were also surgeons and their number one procedure was bloodletting. People thought that they could free themselves from the disease, lowered blood, and this technique was then very rude and not sterile. Hairdressers blood soaked clean bandage or towel. Later, they were often hung outside these bands for advertising. If it's been windy, the bandages wrapped around the pillar, and hence there was this character.
The "OK"
For many of the above-character gesture means "good" or "I'm fine," or "I agree". However, you should avoid using this gesture abroad, because in some countries it is regarded not so positive. In most countries, the character does will mean nothing, but in some European countries as illicit gesture. Thus there can be a hint that the person to whom it is directed, is "zero". Worse things in several Mediterranean and South American countries where it is a symbol of the anus. Despite this, there is an ancient gesture really positive connotation. This mudra - ritual gesture in Buddhism and Hinduism. Symbolizes learning and lots of Buddhist artifacts depicting Buddha with this gesture.

Gesture Goat
In our time, the goat, or the devil horns - the main gesture at any heavy metal concert. So is he has been for many decades.Ronnie James Dio popularized the use of goats at his concerts. You will be surprise to learn that such a gesture dates back centuries and is not a satanic. In fact it is a superstitious gesture, originally called the "root." Ronnie learned the true meaning of the symbol of his grandmother. As a symbol of the Oak, devil horns represent the ancient mudra - gesture, reflecting evil. However, in some countries it has vulgar value. If you are traveling to the Baltic states and sends someone a goat, you hereby conveys to his destination is not quite flattering attitude.
Caduceus is often used by physicians or health care organizations. He is depicted as a staff with wings and two snakes wrapped around it. However, every time you see a caduceus, then look at the error. Staff of Hermes in the medical context is confused with the rod of Asclepius, without wings, and with only one coiled snake. Asclepius was the ancient Greek god of medicine and healing, so it makes sense to use it for health care symbol.
Symbol of Peace
Most of us are firmly connect this symbol with the counterculture and the hippie movement in the 1960s. Unlike the other characters in this list, the peace symbol has ancient origins. Gerald Holtom created it for the sole purpose now forgotten. He wanted to convey to the world the message of the British nuclear disarmament. According to Holt, the figure represents the person in despair, funky nuclear arms race and the threat of the collapse of the world. Later, he stylized symbols, using several lines, and drew a circle around it. For decades, the character remains popular because Holtom never defended his copyright. The symbol was a special way to symbolize freedom, and eventually came to mean the world to them. There have been attempts to associate the symbol with the older and darker backgrounds, such as satanic broken cross or Nazi signs, but the similarities are actually random.

Swastika symbol
Many people in Western countries are experiencing difficulties with the association of the swastika with anything other than the Nazis. In fact, the swastika (also known as cross gammadion) is really a universal symbol and one of the oldest in the world marks a deeper meaning. It was used in the ancient religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The swastika was revered by many ancient civilizations, such as Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Celts. She even depicted in ancient pottery that predates recorded history. Some of the older descriptions swastikas appear in Hinduism, where it was a symbol of the god Vishnu. In fact, it is still often used in Hinduism and Buddhism. A sign may be different, depending on the direction of rotation: clockwise - the symbol of Vishnu, and counterclockwise - Cali. In modern times, the swastika has many options for use, to its association with the Nazi movement. She used the old facilities in Ireland, the Danish brewers Carlsberg and even Finnish and Latvian Air Force.

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