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Most of us learned at a young age that real life sucks. There are no angels; nobody cares what happened to you, and the biggest scum usually achieve the greatest success. In short, the nature of laughs in the face of justice ... most of the time.However, despite how cold and unfriendly world usually seems rarely fate stops us smile and teaches some arrogant fools a lesson they will never forget. 10. Air Force trolls troll


Darren Burton - a 41-year-old troll who has devoted much of his life leaving messages like "decomposes into pieces" on the Facebook pages of dead children, justifying their actions by claiming that Facebook is "open forum". He probably does not know what the word "justification". Most of us ignore these messages, not paying attention to them and experiencing just an annoyance, but the BBC has decided to intervene yet. It may seem strange and rather surprising that one of the most respected news organizations in the world decided potrollit troll. It all started with the journalists descended suddenly home to Burton on an unscheduled interview. This led to his full disclosure in front of his wife and child in broad daylight. After Burton still reluctant to give interviews, BBC began to broadcast it to the name and the place where the inclusion was conducted.

You can already guess what it led to. Burton's Facebook page was filled with the same kind of message he left on the pages of children died as a result of which he had to delete your account and run like a frightened child. But what about the words Burton "is an open forum ''? It seems that they are entitled to write nasty things to him alone. 9. misogynist forced to play in the "dressing up"


According to some idiots, the presence of ovarian does not give you the right to be human. Hauzholder Jason and his friend John Stokum were exactly the same cretins. One day, drunk in his tiny town in Ohio, a couple decided to show their hatred of one woman who was nearby, throwing beer bottles in her car. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for all of us, the local prison was overcrowded when the police brought them to the verdict, and a local judge came up with a much more suitable for their punishment. Hauzholder Stokum and were forced to wear dresses, wigs and make-up, and walk the parade along the main street for an hour, in full view of the crowd that mocked them, and even threw in their plastic bottles. In other words, two asshole experienced exactly what their victims. 8. Guy earned on incoming calls If you're still stuck in the 20th century the world's fixed-line phones, now find out what problems you may have from Lee Beaumont. In 2011, he received an average of 30 calls per month from all the idiots who are trying to sell him double glazing and whatnot. And then one day, Lee decided to teach anonymous aggressors and make it very simple way possible. Since the end of November 2011, smart guy changed his home phone to a premium number. From now on, any company that called him, paying about 16 cents per minute, offering their business services. And believe me, now Lee tightened conversation as he could. By July of this year, he earned € 300 ($ 470) just sitting at home and receiving payment for call centers across the country. Since the beginning of this story, the number of calls has become even greater. According to The Guardian, Beaumont is now trying desperately eager to tell reporters about his scheme of earnings. 7. Just punishment Not all children are cute and friendly. Take, for example, 13-year-old Keytlen. Last year, she and her 11-year-old friend of blunt scissors cut off all her hair three year old girl, whom he met in one of McDonald Utah. Obviously, this is not the worst thing that could happen to a girl of three years (which could suppose to eat some of the food in the cafe), but how to be mean-spirited to do it. And you'll be glad to hear that the punishment fits the crime. When Keytlen and her friend were in the juvenile court, the judge Johansen decided to strike it from the fact that most affect teenagers and ordered the father to his daughter Keytlen cut hair. Yes, mow her almost bald. And right there in court, where the girl and her friend experienced a makeshift barber shop services, and that the victim, with the added bonus, because the whole process took place in front of dozens of people. And if you think that the punishment was too harsh for Keytlen, keep in mind that it had previously for eight months terrorized other child their anonymous phone calls threatening to rape and beating. So she got what she actually deserved. 6. 25-year-old boy's time in adulthood One of the hardest things that once parents face is the realization that they have grown geek. In 2011, an unknown Hispanic couple faced with the same situation when they are unemployed, living at home son sued them to increase the amount of its content. Just to be clear, the son recently turned 25 years old, and his parents stopped giving him money because he refused to find a job. In other words, he was probably the laziest person in the whole of Spain, and fortunately, the legal system of the country decided to teach him a lesson. When it came to court, the judge did not consider it, but issued a decree that gave the guy 30 days to move out of my parents' house. In addition, he was obliged to by law to find a job and (presumably) to stop being such a crying baby. 5. Not to those attacked in October 2009, two Welsh thug - Dean Gardener and Jason Fender - walked through the streets of Swansea and currently looking for trouble. After drinking cider, both thought to have found their ideal victims when they noticed a pair of transvestites marching down the street in bright clothes. Through a combination of his drunken state and vile human nature, Gardener and Fender began to verbally and physically attack the pair. And that turned out to be in reality. Two transvestites took part in the fighting without rules, and today was just at the costume party. When Gardener and Fender have driven them, the response received hard blows. This was followed by what the bandits obviously did not expect - namely sobbing unconscious kind that you would expect from a man who decided to measure themselves against a trained fighter. When the dust settled, two transvestite just took my bags and went off to have fun on, leaving Gardener and Fendera lying on the ground waiting for the police. 4. The result of adultery on eBay in 2008, one Australian came home and found her husband with an awkward look and shorts, while the back door was slightly ajar, and - what was the most compromising - so it's a pair of lacy panties peeking out from under the pillow. While the majority of women are likely to be expelled for cheating spouse or just to sever relations and cry your mother, this woman has done something much more amazing. She created an account on eBay and began to spread there evidence adventures of her husband. First it was panties indicated as "whores Panties '' large enough that you could use them as a shawl on Halloween. The second subject was a condom wrapper" small. "And the third lot of the sale was a motorcycle husband Harley- Davidson for 99 cents. In such a short time, the woman took revenge on her husband anonymous; and yet it is publicly disgraced and betrayed her rival. That's class. 3. Bully have found on the Internet If you are flabby, and even physically weak man, believe me , going to the gym can be a frustrating experience for you. In addition to the recognition that you probably never lift anything heavier than your laptop, you also have to endure taunts from the side and become the object of fun photos. And that's what happened. In Last month, an Australian guy made ​​a huge mistake, take pictures of people at the gym and upload images to Facebook with offensive comments. Somehow, these images were on Reddit and saw the photos were on the people who decided to teach the offender a lesson. Firstly, they found his personal information and use it to call your mother and tell her what her son an idiot, the same manager and they told the audience, which went to the guy. Finally, they sat back and watched like a bully crumble life: his mother stopped giving him money, all his friends have decided that it is no longer their friend and owner of a chain of gyms forbade him to visit them. 2. The abuser has put himself in the place of the victim in 2004 the Iranian Majid Mohavedi villain showed the world what a horrible person he was, pouring acid into the face Amen Bahrami, when she was walking home from work, thus blinding her. Bahrami previously rejected his proposal of marriage, and Majid, apparently, decided to get back at her just such a horrible way. But from this point the fun begins. In Iran, it should be strictly according to the laws of Sharia and Sharia allows you to get punished according to the "eye for an eye." In the case of Bahrami, she took it personally. When Mohavedi has been on trial, she turned to him with a request: she wanted to Majid was also blinded by acid. The court accepted her request. Over the next three years, the offender lived, knowing that soon will feel exactly the same pain and fear as his victim. In 2011, he was taken to a hospital in Tehran, and knew it would be already blind when he wakes up. Before justify such a cruel and unusual punishment, I should add that Bahrami cancel the procedure at the last minute, saying, does not want anyone to go through what she went better and forgive all her abuser. Mohavedi retained his vision, but has changed dramatically, realizing what fear and suffering the victim has suffered and felt all these years. 1. Premature explosion ofthe winter of 2010, one of the groups in Russia is about to commit a terrorist act. By the end of the year, three unidentified women were planning to commit suicide, blew himself up in a crowd at a party in Moscow. The results could be very deplorable and comparable terrorist attacks that took place in Moscow earlier. Only then something went wrong. You see, Russian suicide bombers are mobile phones at the waist, and a bomb explodes in the mooment when the phone receives a message - that is, their accomplices can remotely detonate bombs in place if something went wrong. This is an impressive system, but it can also work at the wrong time, which could backfire, especially if used by stupid people - which include phone before you leave home. In an era when companies send out thousands of spam SMS, this way, at least stupid. An hour before the attack was supposed to happen, one of the women received an automated text wishes her a happy New Year. Her waist instantly exploded, killing the girl and pulled down the house, leaving other potential terrorists were injured. None of the civilians was not injured in the explosion, and the Russian authorities had been warned of a possible terrorist attack. In other words, it was kind of divine intervention that saved the lives of countless nothing innocent people. That is justice.


As bullfighting developed - or fell into decay, - more and more attention was paid to perform various tricks and movements torero less - the ultimate goal; and is now preparing the bull to the last fatal blow, which previously took the matador, largely rests on the banderilleros; if the killing of the bull is the slightest difficulty, the matador has neither ingenuity nor knowledge, but only the grace and virtuosity goes against bull prepared, exhausted, broken, and not just slain craftsmanship experienced banderilleros.
     Once the most important in the spectacle of bullfighting is the moment of the murder of a bull; development and degeneration of this art has gained increasing sticking banderillas and muleta ability to act. Cape, banderillas and gradually became an end in itself Mulet, instead, as before, be only a means to an end, and this bullfight both lost and won.
     In the old days the bulls were larger than they are now, they were ferocious, meaner, harder older. Their growth is artificially delayed in favor of bullfighters, they are released into the arena at the age of four and a half to five years, instead of three and a half to four, as it is now. Many matadors were behind by six to twelve years of apprenticeship as banderilleros and novilleros when they received the official title of the matador. They were mature people, to those who knew the subtleties of his craft, and they went to the bull, which flourished physical strength and knew how to use the horns; fight with the bull and was difficult and dangerous. The aim of the battle was the final blow with his sword, deadly fight a man with a bull, "moment of truth" as it is called Spaniards. And the whole course of the battle served as a preparation for this moment.
     You can not day-to-day fight with the bulls, if Bos - huge, powerful, fierce and quick, knowledgeable because of their horns, and have reached the appropriate age - applying the technique of bullfighting, invented by Juan Belmonte. It's too dangerous ...
     And modern bullfighting is only possible thanks to the degeneration of the bulls. This, of course, degenerate art, and how every phenomenon of decadence, it is now in a period of strong degeneracy, especially flourished luxuriantly.
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